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Signature Pies - Lunch/Dinner
Pie 314 Everyday Eatery Lewisville

Your Pie


Build your own, default is Red Sauce and Cheese Blend.

Toppings:Artichokes +$1Avocado +$2Bacon +$2Bacon Jam +$2Balsamic Onion +$1Beef Sausage +$2Calabrese Chilis +$1Caramelized Onions +$1Egg +$1Garlic Oil +$1Ham +$2Heirloom Tomatoes +$1Italian Sausage +$2Jalapeno +$1Kalamata Olives +$1Meatball +$2Pineapple +$1Pepperoni +$2Prosciutto +$2Red Onion +$1Roasted Chicken +$3Roasted Mushrooms +$1Roasted Red Peppers +$1Short Rib +$3
Crust:Cauliflower Crust +$1
Cheese:Add Mozzarella +$2Sub Mozarella +$0.00Add Goat Cheese +$2Sub Goat Cheese +$0.00Add Blue Cheese +$2Sub Blue Cheese +$0.00Extra Cheese +$2
Sauce:Sub Pesto Sauce +$0.00Sub Ricotta Spread +$0.00Extra Sauce +$1

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