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From the arrangement of the tables to the friendly bartenders and the food on the menu, PIE was designed to encourage conversation and communion, a sense of gathering. Your meal at PIE Everyday Eatery might consist of snacks and cocktails at the bar, dinner for two at a corner table, or several menu items ordered to share with family or friends at a communal table. Or, you could grab one of our amazing pizzas to go! Our menu is inspired by classic Italian cuisine, house made pasta, and artisan pizza, but includes some creative twists – and it's always evolving. Some of our fan favorites have been there since day one, but some items come and go based on seasonal availability or input from our customers. Whether you find yourself at PIE 314 seeking comfort in the familiar or an adventure in new ingredients, we'll do everything possible to make your meal great. PIE is a restaurant that does serious work without taking itself too seriously. We don't take short cuts; we believe that a great meal begins with the sourcing of local and seasonal ingredients, and ends with skillful preparation and outstanding service.